10 best Advent calendars of 2021


This year, Advent calendars are more popular than ever and are selling everywhere, but you can still find some great ones inspired by pop culture franchises like Star wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and others. Below are 10 of the best Advent calendars that could make great gifts in December.

1. Harry potter: Holiday Magic: the official Advent calendar; $ 20

This Advent Calendar contains over 25 gifts, including recipe cards, coloring pages, and buttons, that will keep any Potterhead happy over the holidays (especially if they choose to rewatch all eight movies).

Buy it: Amazon

2. Friends: The official Advent calendar; 25 $

This Advent calendar will be there for your gift throughout the holiday season. Inspired by the classic ’90s sitcom Friends, it offers 25 days of nostalgic memories that will help them feel closer to the Central Perk team (and to you) this year.

Buy it: Amazon

3. Star Trek Advent Calendar Cube Borg; $ 150

Any Trekkie will recognize a Borg cube spaceship when they see one, although it comes with fun collectibles like luggage tags, badges, and tea towels instead of a formidable opponent to fight.

Buy it: Eaglemoss Hero Collector

4. LEGO Star wars Advent calendar; 40 $

Lego and Star wars have such a long legacy together, so it’s only natural for the iconic toy brand to create an Advent calendar filled with minifigures, vehicles and weapons based on The Mandalorian. Your giveaway won’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to enjoy the holidays with this giveaway.

Buy it: Amazon

5. Funko Pop! Advent calendar: Pokemon; $ 60

Catch up to 24 different Pocket Pops Pokémon! throughout the holiday season, including Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur, all of which are also available in special silver editions.

Buy it: Amazon

6. The Beatles Advent Calendar; 140 $

Buying gifts for someone who absolutely loves the Beatles? It doesn’t matter whether they prefer Paul to John or George (or whether they like “Octopus’s Garden” because it’s Ringo’s big song), because this Advent calendar has a little something for everyone. It’s filled with keepsakes like a yellow underwater tea infuser and a Fab Four Christmas card that any Beatles fan will certainly appreciate.

Buy it: Eaglemoss Hero Collector

7. PLAYMOBIL Back to the future Advent calendar; $ 35

Your gift can recreate scenes from Back to the future with this PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar, which includes new figures of characters like Doc Brown and Marty McFly. It also comes with accessories like skateboards and guitars and decor pieces like the Twin Pines Mall sign.

Buy it: Amazon

8. LEGO Marvel The Avengers Advent calendar; 40 $

Stop Thanos from snatching away half the universe with this Marvel’s Avengers LEGO Advent Calendar, featuring the Infinity Gauntlet, Stark Tower, and character minifigures like Captain Marvel, Thor and Spider-Man, all in party gear.

Buy it: Amazon

9. Doctor Who TARDIS Hero Collector Advent Calendar; 140 $

This Advent calendar is like the TARDIS: it may look small and compact on the outside, but it is much larger on the inside. It offers 24 compartments, each containing novel Doctor Who collectibles like a Dalek bottle opener, episodic art coasters and a Weeping Angel bottle stopper.

Buy it: Land of entertainment

10. Mickey Mouse and Friends Advent Calendar; 40 $

This Disney Advent Calendar contains a new holiday-themed puzzle to open and build each day until Christmas. The complete calendar includes 1000 pieces spread over 25 designs, so each day will bring your gift a new 40 piece puzzle to build.

Buy it: ShopDisney

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